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Ted Villanueva, OUTBOXD’s Business Development Specialist, inspects the shelving units with the Vision Express optometrist.

Achieving 20-20 Vision: Redesigning Vision Express SM Sta. Rosa, Laguna


Vision Express is a British-owned spectacle company that curates a wide selection of branded glasses. collection ranges from household names like Rayban and Guess to couture brands such as Miu Miu and Prada.

Vission Express’ Levi’s collection lined up on the new shelving units. 

This summer 2023, Vision Express launched a summer campaign titled #StayDifferent. The campaign aimed to target a new market: Millennials and Gen-Z. To meet the campaign’s visual direction, the company redesigned its stores. The initiative aimed to capture a new and youthful aesthetic adapting to recent interior design trends aligned with the fads their target market follows.

For this initiative, Vision Express SM Sta. Rosa Laguna tapped OUTBOXD to execute its vision. OUTBOXD was tasked to construct shelving units for product display and staff use, drawers, door frames, full-body mirrors, lavatories, and center tables. OUTBOXD was given two weeks to execute the project.              



To construct the project, OUTBOXD’s in-house designers collaborated with Vision Express’ contractors. The two teams aligned with the project’s specifications and requirements. Although the intent of the redesign was to modernize Vision Express’ interior, OUTBOXD kept in mind the function of their build.

To achieve the new visual direction, OUTBOXD mixed metalwork and wood accompanied by a unique lighting set-up hidden between shelves. To boost the Vision Express team’s productivity and efficiency, OUTBOXD constructed shelving units to improve workflow and provide customers with viewing access. In addition, the units encourage customers to handle fragile products carefully.       

All products were constructed at OUTBOXD’s warehouse. Once the products passed the quality assessment test, they were then shipped out to the location. The products were delivered and installed by the OUTBOXD team after store hours. 


The new Vision Express interior.

After the two-week production, OUTBOXD’s team built nine shelving units, four shelving units with drawers, three-door frames, three full-body mirrors, two lavatories, and one center table. The team installed the products prior to the store’s grand opening last Mar. 17, 2023. Through the redesign process, Vision Express was able to modernize its interior and adapt to its new visual direction.


OUTBOXD provides design and construction solutions for various spaces, be it your office or home. Collaborate with our team of experts and bring your visions to life today.

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