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Realize the potential
of your space.

We build towards quality.


Our products are meant to compliment your vision. We don’t just take into consideration your designs, we make sure it strikes a balance between function and form.

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We understand what your client needs and what they look for. We make sure that our work merits credibility as we support your efforts to build trust with your clients.

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Our process ensures structure and timeliness. We have worked alongside several contractors and understand what needs to be done in order to minimize complications.

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We guarantee post-sale servicing, in case there are any issues in installation. Our job isn’t finished unless you are 100% satisfied.

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Desking Systems

Companies are constantly changing workplaces, whether it’s for expansion or furniture rearrangement. With this in mind, our team designed a locally fabricated desking system specifically for efficient and easy installation.

Designed for change.

Named after the Italian word that means “to assemble”, A Montare desk is meant to be set up or reconfigured quickly when the organization needs to pivot.

Types of Montare


Linear Montare®

Offers a traditional rectangular worktop with modern features.


Organic Montare®

Is for workspaces where the aesthetic leans towards smooth, rounded, organic shapes.


Conference Table

A key element to consider if you want to make sure your meetings go smoothly.

Office Chairs

The company uses high quality materials for the build and incorporate ergonomic elements for the designs.

Our Clients

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